FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the miter clamp? Will it fit my miter slot?2018-06-27T14:46:40-05:00

3/4-inch wide x 3/8-inch high

The miter clamp is cast aluminum and CNC milled for tight tolerances and a precision fit.  It is designed to fit 3/4-inch wide miter slots. If you have a 5/8-inch or metric miter slot, the Hedgehog miter clamp will not fit. However, there is a replacement 5/8-inch miter clamp that is available – contact us for details.

Is the Hedgehog reversible to work on either side of the fence?2018-06-27T14:43:01-05:00

Yes! Simply disassemble the Hedgehog, flip the body over, and re-assemble.

Hedgehog is reversible
Is the Hedgehog available in other countries?2020-01-07T13:55:30-05:00

The Hedgehog is available in the USA  (via this website, Amazon, and other retailers) as well as Australia, New Zealand, and France. Please check the Where to Buy page for details.

We are currently searching for a retailer in Canada.

What is the reach of the Hedgehog “feathers?”2018-06-27T14:41:03-05:00

From the center point of the knob (or center of the miter clamp), the distance to the end of the nearest finger is 1-9/16″. The distance to the end of the farthest finger is 6-13/16″.

The Hedgehog is moving around in the miter slot. What can I do?2018-06-27T14:29:29-05:00

The miter clamp is CNC milled for a precise fit in 3/4-inch miter slots. When the knob is tightened, it causes the conical head of the screw to expand the miter clamp which tightens it in the miter slot. There are two possible causes for the miter clamp not being secure in the miter slot:

  1. The conical head of the screw has two bumps that should be placed inside the gaps of the miter clamp to prevent it from rotating. Ensure that these are positioned properly.
Screw head should be flush with the miter clamp.

2. If Step 1 didn’t tighten up the miter clamp, disassemble the Hedgehog, insert a flat blade screwdriver into the miter clamp slot and give it a twist to flare it out a it. It doesn’t take much to flare it out so start small and do it a couple of times if necessary. Re-assemble and see if that helps. If not, please contact us.

I hate clamshell packaging! How do I get the Hedgehog out of this thing?!2018-06-27T14:49:21-05:00

Simply cut along the bottom-right edge and the right edge with a normal pair of scissors. The Hedgehog slips right out.

Hedgehog cutting clamshell
How do you ship?2018-06-27T14:43:53-05:00

All orders for the Hedgehog are shipped via USPS:

If you order a single Hedgehog, you have the option of First Class Mail (the most economical) or Priority Mail (2-3 days to most cities). If you order two or more Hedgehogs, the total weight is greater than 16 oz. so your only option is Priority Mail.